• Dispatches from the (e)merge Opening Night Party


    "Performance art and the most ambitious installations take up the hotel’s basement parking garage, where you’ll find a filament maze by Melinda Hirt and Emily Biondo, installations featuring relics from DC’s Occupy Wall Street protesters, and works by MICA and Corcoran students." full article

  • Editor's Pick in Washington Post

    By Michael O'Sullivan
    Friday, May 4, 2012

    Bring a friend (or two) when you visit "Spring Solos." Emily Biondo's interactive artwork "The Telephone Game" works best with multiple players.

    As the name implies, "The Telephone Game" - a hanging, cagelike structure made from a web of crocheted speaker wire connected through a central-nervous-system-like hub of amps - incorporates seven phones. The slightly floppy handsets are also made from crocheted speaker wire; the innards were bought from a wholesaler of phone components used in prison visiting rooms.

    Although the instructions say the piece can be used by one to seven people, a single visitor picking up a line will hear only white noise. Multiple participants are needed to experience the full effect, which involves a range of what the artist calls "communication, miscommunication and noncommunication."

    Depending on which phone you pick up, you might or might not be able to have a normal conversation. Four handsets are connected in pairs, making two standard phone connections. The other three handsets are on a separate circuit, connected sequentially to form a round robin, like the children's game of "telephone," so that the person you're talking to can hear only you but speaks to someone else, who reports back to you.

    As social sculpture, it's intriguing, especially as a commentary on the state of today's hyperconnected yet disengaged world. The fact that it's also confusing and occasionally disorienting is not a glitch of the piece, Biondo says, but a feature. "We treat awkwardness as abnormality," she explains, "when it pretty much makes up the majority of our day." full article

  • Spring Solos 2012

    "The Telephone Game"

    Emily Biondo's "The Telephone Game" is a stand-out of the Arlington Arts Center's "Spring Solos 2012." The interactive, room-size installation — centering on a cage-like structure made from crocheted speaker wire — features seven interconnected telephone handsets. full article

  • (e)merge art fair: An insider’s view

    By: Eric Hope, East City Art

    Ever wondered what it was like to actually work a room at an art fair? Well here’s the inside scoop!

    This weekend I’ve taken off my East City Art reporter cap and am working at the (e)merge art fair representing The Studio Visit. The Studio Visit is not a traditional brick-and-mortar gallery; rather, it is an online arts journal (much like the one you’re presently reading) headquartered in Washington, DC.

    While VIP opening nights and press previews are glamorous affairs (lots of clinking champagne flutes and air kissing) the hours leading up to them are anything but. I received a panicked call today at noon that ran something like this: “..the art’s not up, we need help with lighting and we can’t decide where to place the video. Can you drop everything and COME RIGHT NOW???!!!!” Luckily, I could.

    Arriving at the room at an hour later, there is controlled chaos. We’re a non-profit on a budget, and the exhibition rate doesn’t include removing hotel-room furniture (Welcome to the world of a la carte pricing. Want the 70′s dresser moved? That’ll cost ya.), so we are using the bed as display space for the flat-file of artists and have covered dressers and nightstands in swaths of neutral fabrics. The bed’s headboard has been removed as well as every possible knick-knack (tip, check out what’s behind the shower curtain, but don’t even think of opening the closet doors lest you start an avalanche). Now the fun begins….

    We’ve removed those bland bouquet prints (remember, don’t open the closet!) and can use the hooks for our own framed photography by Ding Ren, but nailholes are strictly verboten. Its now 2pm and we’re cutting strip after strip of artists’ tape for hanging works on paper. Others are busy setting up an interactive multimedia piece by Emily Biondo in the bathroom appropriately entitled Lift the Seat. Meanwhile there’s still the website screen and projector to set up (to display the online journal component). We discuss for an hour about which to piece to hang where, which goes something along the lines of: “should the nipples be displayed on the wall next to the Amsterdam series or flat on the bed next to the jousting wizards?”

    It’s now a bit after 4pm and we’re in the midst of lighting when we catch word that ‘the press’ has begun to arrive. Surely they can’t be, but according to Jamie Smith of Connor Contemporary (and an event sponsor), that’s par for the course. Now we’re frantically ironing dress shirts and applying makeup (the ladies anyway) while simultaneously screwing in lightbulbs for the clamp lights. I keep thinking I’m on an HGTV make-over show and fellow contestants are yelling “30 minutes! 30 minutes!”

    At approximately 4:58pm it all comes together with only a minor wardrobe malfunction (someone left her party heels at home….) and we’re open for business! The press preview and opening gala are quickly a blur as we repeat over and over (and over and over) our 20 second rehearsed spiel of our organization’s mission. My feet hurt (reminder: tomorrow put in Dr. Scholl’s inserts) and I’m parched. Unfortunately the waiters floating around with trays of comp champagne don’t make it upstairs and we have elected not to order from the hotel’s catering department. Emily’s installation piece seems to confound viewers who don’t understand the title, Lift the Seat, is also an instruction, so we rig up a quick instruction sheet, after which the laughter starts flowing. And if someone bumps the doorstop one more time I’m going to loose it!

    9pm quickly rolls around and the party moves out to the pool deck with dancing and concerts. I’m too pooped to party and opt instead to head home for leftover pizza, a cold beer and a much-needed sit on the couch. Twelve hours later, I’ll be back at it again!

    The (e)merge art fair runs through Sunday, Sept. 25th at the Capitol Skyline Hotel. For complete details and tickets, visit East City Art’s continuously updated (e)merge art fair page. Don’t forget to stop by room 320 and lift the seat! full article

  • Don’t Be Bored: “Academy 2011,” Phantogram

    Posted by Ally Schweitzer on Jul. 20, 2011 at 11:15 am

    Nineteen students from area schools, including American University, George Washington University, Corcoran College of Art and Design, and University of Maryland, were selected to show their work in Conner’s annual MFA/ BFA show “Academy 2011”—but the 11 Maryland Institute College of Art students may win the most attention. In Ginny Huo’s “Mother’s Table,” pictured, a taxidermied dog perches under a dining table, with tennis balls affixed to the feet of the table, chairs, and dog to protect the Pergo floor. Less tongue-in-cheek is Dan Gioia’s “Sphere,” a globe of sod, which puts a new spin on earth art, literally (you can spin it!). More contemplative pieces include American University student Emily Biondo’s “Shrouded,” a prayer shawl woven from speaker wire accompanied by an audio piece of religious services digitally pieced together. From the Corcoran, Sierra Suris’ photos of “Missed Connections” are also intriguing. Part art-object, part process documentation, the photos capture authors of the wistful Craigslist ads and pose them at the place they missed their connections. Suris’ images somberly capture the physical disconnect and vulnerability in our virtually networked world. (John Anderson) The exhibition is on view 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesdays to Saturdays to Aug. 20 at Conner Contemporary Art, 1358 Florida Ave. NE. Free.

  • Conner Contemporary's 'Academy 2011' is more than an exhibition

    by Stephen Mack, DC Local Artists Examiner
    July 8, 2011

    Conner Contemporary Art unveils its 11th annual Academy show on Saturday. Not just an exhibition, curator and gallery co-founder Jamie Smith calls the show “an event for the entire art community.” The event will kick off Saturday with the panel discussion “Collecting and Emerging Art,” presented in conjunction with (e)merge art fair. In addition, judges from (e)merge and Miami’s PULSE Art Fair will be on hand to select artists to be featured in those events, announcing the winners at the opening.

    For the exhibition, Smith has selected 19 artists to represent the various BFA and MFA programs in the area. With works ranging from painting and sculpture to video and interactive pieces, Smith says, “It reflects to me what artists are getting excited about and what kinds of methods and materials they’re trying out.”

    Boris & Betty is what artist Forest Allread calls a “video quilt.” 16 loops from Betty in Blunderland, a 1934 animated short featuring Betty Boop, are projected on the wall simultaneously, laid side by side in rows of four. Allread has drawn over each loop using Photoshop, adding elements of his own and in each instance turning Betty into a black character. “I was attracted to the Betty Boop cartoon because it happened in a time when [creator] Max Fleischer wasn’t afraid to collaborate with black American jazz artists,” says Allread, adding that the piece “reflected on me and my relationship with my wife, being an interracial couple.” Allread recently earned his BFA from Corcoran College of Art and Design.

    Emily Biondo, a recent MFA graduate from American University, created the interactive piece Shrouded, a prayer shawl she knitted out of speaker wire using jumbo needles. Not intending it to remain sitting on its stand, Biondo encourages visitors to try it on and walk around in it as they listen to a variety of prayers playing from the attached iPod. And don’t be surprised if you notice the artist watching from a distance. “A lot of my work is about human interaction,” she says, “So voyeurism definitely plays a role.”

    The (e)merge panel discussion “Collecting and Emerging Art” will be held on Saturday, July 9 at 5 p.m., followed by an opening reception for Academy 2011 from 6-8 p.m. The exhibition will run from July 9 - Aug. 22. Conner Contemporary Art is located at 1358 Florida Avenue NE, open Wednesday through Saturday during the summer from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

  • ACADEMY 2011

    July 9 - August 22, 2011 >> opening reception: Saturday, July 9th: 6 to 8pm.

    Conner Contemporary Art is pleased to announce ACADEMY 2011, our 11th annual invitational survey of outstanding work by MFA/BFA students in the Washington/Baltimore area.

    Exhibition founder and curator, Jamie Smith, Ph.D. invited the following artists to participate:

    > Artists: Sarah Allison, Forest Allread, Emily Biondo, Woojin Chang, Caroline Covington, Michael Dotson, Dan Gioia, Ginny Huo, Adam Junior, Libby Landauer, Linling Lu, Jon Malis, Jonathan Monaghan, Elle Perez, Melissa Prentki, Camilo Sanin, Samuel Scharf, Sierra Suris, Virginia Wagner.

    > Representing institutions: American University, Corcoran College of Art and Design, George Washington University, Maryland Institute College of Art, and University of Maryland.

  • Il tacco d'Italia: Gaia: Celestial Fragments

    Si inaugura sabato 18 settembre alle ore 19:30 la mostra arte contemporanea Gaia: Celestial Fragments, curata da Dores Sacquegna.

    Introduce il seminario sulla "Terra Mitologica", Polyxene Kasda con Una cartografia della nostra coscienza.

    Artista, curatrice, studiosa del mito è nata ad Alessandria Egitto, vive e opera ad Atene. Il suo background formativo è nel campo dell'arte, della fisica e della psicologia.

    E' membro di Iaa Unesco, membro onorario di K-Droz a Parigi, membro scientifico della rivista milanese "Poesia e Spiritualit¨, e curatrice di numerosi eventi internazionali.

    Tra i suoi progetti pi' importanti si ricordano: "Myth/Network" (1990-2009), iniziato in Finlandia; un innovativo progetto internazionale caratterizzato dallo studio della psicologia dell eterno presente e da una serie di installazioni interattive; "The Chrysalis world installation" (1990-1994) progetto itinerante in 27 paesi con eventi culturali simultanei ed happening alla State University of Cleveland, Ohio, Usa e al Municipio di Atene.

    "The Maps of the Hidden Treasure" (1994-1996- ) un progetto sui siti archeologici e mitologici della Grecia, in collaborazione con "European Network of Poetry" {Belgium} e la "Radio municipale di Atene".

    "Fugue" (1996-1998- ) che consiste nella variazione della monumentale struttura Fibonacci, situata in 5 luoghi del mondo: Castro di Piovera in Italia, 'Universit¨ Lucian Blaga in Sibiu Romania, la Lykaion Mountain in Arcadia, la Fondazione Egeo nell'isola di Paros, Grecia, Flisvos nel municipio di Palaion Faleron e Atene.

    "Pxk Route world installation" (2004-08) realizzata con un innovativo materiale e dedicate al principio Olimpico della rigenerazione. La scultura chiamata "Olympic Chrysalis" un monumento urbano presente ad Atene dal 2004.

    Il progetto è stato esposto: 2005- Biennale di Poesia di Alessandria, N.Leucosia, Cyprus, 2a Biennale of Beijing; Cina05};2006 -FMC, Syria, 2007- 4rth Biennale of Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Nuit Blanche, Anvers-aux-Abesses, Paris, Francia; 2008-Olympic Fine Arts, Beijing,China con medaglia oro, 2009 - Municipio di Rouvas, Gergeri, Creta,Grecia, internazionale conferenza alla 3 Biennale di Beijing, Cina. Con Artooth, nel 2007, ha realizzato un progetto di telecomunicazioni arte per European Capitals of Europe, che stato selezionato dall Associazione francese per essere realizzato in Grecia, Lussemburgo e Romania simultaneamente. E poeta ed autrice di articoli interdisciplinari.

    Ha scritto numerosi libri, tra i quali: The Conscious Eye (88), Pyrisporos (94), Pai (07) pubblicato in cinque lingue, e ha partecipato a numerose conferenze nel mondo.

    Ultimo suo progetto è "Pai the eon is a child playing/L'eternità è un bambino che gioca", un progetto di mostra itinerante in Grecia: Alexandropolis, Isola di Samothrace e Atene, co-curato con Dores Sacquegna e Pierre Chirouze (ved. http://uraniasgardens.blogspot.com/) e che ha coinvolto numerosi artisti internazionali, le cui opere sono nella collezione della Pinacoteca di Samothrace.

    I suoi studi sono nel campo della chimica, della biologia, della fisica e dell astronomia. Ha una visione che tiene conto della psicologia dell inconscio. Il suo punto di partenza è che la mitologia debba uscire dalle pagine dei libri per diventare azione della psiche sui luoghi stessi in cui è nato il mito.

    La sua ricerca è incentrata sulla semiotica del luogo. Per l"International Year of Astronomy 09", ha co-fondato l'Associazione "Urania's Gardens", come curatrice del progetto internazionale Gargling Sky presso la Pinacoteca di Gergeri,Creta, dove è presente tra gli altri artisti l'opera di Angioletta De Nitto, giovane artista della Primo Piano LivinGallery.

    Il tema che unifica i vari linguaggi nella mostra "Gaia: Celestial fragments", e' quello legato alla ricerca sulle varie forme di trasformazione dei materiali, ai confini tra organico e tecnologico, tra ambientale ed urbano, tra natura ed artificio, tra mutazione e ibridazione. In maniera ampia, il progetto esplora anche i problemi della trasformazione del territorio, l'importanza dell'ambiente, le relazioni tra la bio-etica, la biologia, l'astronomia, le mappe astrali e la bio genetica.

    Al ciclo di vita e alla metamorfosi dei materiali, le opere appese al chiodo di Shura Baggio (Pordenone, 1976), che ricicla pagine pubblicitarie per comporre strani tableau con concetti legati alla natura, alla realt¨¤ e alla forma, in una sorta di mappa astrale tridimensionale. In una dimensione sensoriale e comunicativa l'installazione in metallo e sonora "Bridal Shower" dell'americana Emily Biondo, dove gli osservatori sono costretti a chinarsi e curvare un orecchio al narratore surrogato all'interno dell'installazione, come se ricevessero una confessione bisbigliata o informazioni segrete.

    L'installazione esplora il livello dell'importanza delle informazioni che noi sentiamo. Paesaggi astrali e liquidi nelle pitture dell'americana Elinore Bucholtz; terra e cielo nei polittici pittorici a luce wood dell'italiana Leonilde Carabba con le opere dal titolo "Tra galassie e praterie. Nuova tappa del Matrimonio Mistico tra Terra e Cielo".

    "Transition" è il titolo del video di Ane Fabricius Christiansen (Danimarca 1978) che dimostra il ciclo di vita di una brocca in ceramica immersa nell acqua e che lentamente si dissolve nel giro di 19 minuti.

    Il video documenta il ritorno di un oggetto comune al suo stato originale attraverso la sua interazione con acqua. "La coppia nell'aquila", parte della serie delle Meduse Cosmiche della pugliese Angioletta De Nitto, un polittico di 4 pitture ad olio su tela e strass che rappresentano la costellazione dell'aquila.

    Ai cicli biologici della Terra, al problema di trasformazione del territorio dovuto alla desertificazione ambientale, le opere pittoriche di Anne Desfour (Francia, 1965) e la canadese Mary Jane Jessen presente con il dittico pittorico "The Three Bears/I tre orsi", documentandone con studi e immagini la presenza delle tracce lasciate dagli orsi nella natura e che grazie alla conservazione naturale del terreno, sono giunte sino a noi.

    Tra mutazione e ibridazione l'installazione "Greaenfeast" di Polyxene Kasda, composta da 6 strips in pvc con disegni sul mantra di rigenerazione della natura.

    L'opera è composta da una serie di "Doodling", progetto iniziato nel 1985 ed elaborato e riportato su queste grandi stele colorate. Sugli abissi le opere pittoriche della californiana Barbara Kolo, che riflette sulla luce prodotta da bioluminescenze, una reazione chimica presente nel corpo creature abissali.

    Maree e fasi lunari nelle opere del messicano Davy Krux. Natura e artificio nelle opere di Iginio Iurilli, uno degli artisti di punta nel panorama pugliese, che da anni lavora sul mondo marino e presente in mostra con mitili e cozze a grandezza smisurata, perfettamente identici ai frutti di mare presenti nel mediterraneo e con fiori e vulve marine realizzate con pigmenti colorati, esaltando una forma neo barocca e virtuosa.

    Sulla perdita delle dimensioni reali, le fotografie in bianco e nero della cinese Yee-Ling Tang, residente ad Amsterdam, che affronta e confronta i temi della percezione e delle dinamiche all'interno di contesti sociali. Come un esercizio surrealista, l'artista manipola e duplica luoghi e persone, ingrandendoli o rimpicciolendoli, sino a farne perdere le concezione del tempo, rappresentando la fragilità intrinseca ad ogni visione stereotipata.

    "Gone with the wind" è il titolo della fotografia realizzata da Marisa Manuzzato, italiana, residente in Venezuela. Su un alta collina, una donna regge una sorta di cancello di ferro, mentre i fulmini si avvicinano e lo spazio diventa surreale. Simboliche e fortemente evocative le stampe digitali dell'americana Joan Proudman, che attraverso il mito, rappresenta con simboli ed animali allegorici, l'elemento della Terra e dell'acqua.

    Con la tecnica dell'encausto e della cera, l'americana Christine Sajecki, racconta di storie urbane, di amori, di lavoro duro. Nelle sue opere una fitta nebbia, sembra celare l'indifferenza, il rancore, la rabbia. Un ambiente paraffinato,una umanit¨¤ stereotipata, filtra fuori dai suoi lavori.

    Con "Si salvi chi può" la grande installazione aliena del pugliese Vito Sardano, presente con un progetto che ha avuto inizio nel 2004 e terminato nel 2010, che rappresenta il pianeta Marte ed i suoi strani abitanti , una serie di piccoli omini che indossano tute dorate e abbracciano pistole giocattolo. Sempre sul mondo alieno e gli abitanti del cosmo "Small night magic", l'installazione di 12 opere digitali dell'italiana Maria Luisa Imperiali, che rappresenta una serie di piccoli alieni accovacciati in strane navicelle spaziali trasparenti a forma di cono.

    L'installazione è completata da grandi massi in poliestere espanso e da un trasmettitore tipo satellitare, composto da una serie di cilindri e meccanismi colorati, che l'artista definisce "Global Comunication" e lo identifica con un numero seriale che si ripete in quasi tutte le sue opere, come a dimostrare la serialità dovuta alla globalizzazione.

    Sulla percezione e la tensione di un luogo, sul senso profondo dell'accadimento, dell'annebbiamento dei confini, sull'effetto prismatico dei colori che si riflettono nella luce e sull'energia è concentrata la recente ricerca pittorica dell'americano Ben Steele.


  • Gaia: Celestial Fragments

    “Gaia: celestial fragments” è il nome della mostra di arte contemporanea che dal 18 settembre al 7 ottobre è esposta presso le sale del Living Gallery in via Marconi a Lecce.

    La mostra,organizzata da Dores Sacquegna,ospita le opere di numerosi artisti nazionali ed internazionali,unificate dal tema della ricerca sulle varie forme di trasformazione dei materiali.

    Un progetto a metà tra interiorità e tecnologia,tra natura ed artificio,tra ambientale ed urbano,con uno sgurdo anche ai problemi della trasformazione del territorio e all’importanza dell’ambiente.


  • 2nd Biennial Marlboro Gallery National Sculpture Exhibition

    The Marlboro Gallery announces its second Biennial National Juried Sculpture Exhibition. The opening reception and awards ceremony is September 17th; 6pm to 8pm. At 7pm, Molly Donovan will present the Kari Beims Sculpture Award. The exhibition is curated by Molly Donovan, Associate Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at the National Gallery of Art, and features works by 28 artists. Of the exhibition, Ms. Donovan states, “This show speaks to the proclivity, diversity, and strength of sculptural practice today.”

    The exhibition features awards including the $2000 Kari Beims Sculpture Award for Best in Show. Kari Beims, an instructor at Prince George's Community College who passed away in 2006, was a great supporter of art and of emerging artists. The award created in her name honors Kari’s memory by helping the recipient continue to pursue his or her artistic career.

    The Marlboro Gallery is located in Marlboro Hall on the Prince George's Community College campus, 301 Largo Road, Largo, MD 20774


    Emily Biondo received 2nd Place in the competition as awarded by Molly Donovan.

  • inSPIRATion: opening May 8 from 6-9 pm

    May 8 through June 6, 2010

    Programmed by emerging curators in AU's Arts Management program, “inSPIRATion” is 15 inspirational shows in one, from graffiti art and spoken word, to vanishing photography and junk-clock sculpture.

    Through a broad range of media and expression, the exhibition explores the origins—and destinations—of inspiration. Please visit the inSPIRATion Facebook page for more information on the artists and curators.

    Emily will be exhibited in curator Kristin Bruch's Feminine Undertones along with local artist Victoria Greising.

  • inTENtion: American University MFA 1st Year Show

    The show opened Friday, April 30th from 7-9 pm at the Kazten Museum for her 1st Year MFA show! The exhibit runs from April 29 - May 9 and includes work from:

    Emily Biondo
    Jillian Bonahoom
    Victoria Greising
    Kate Demong
    Kim Gillespie
    Hedieh Javanshir Ilchi
    Sarah Miller
    Michael Sloan
    Michael Dotson
    Bobby Coleman

    Please make sure to visit the museum (on American University Campus) and see the show!

  • New Show in Raleigh, NC! January 8 - January 30, 2010

    3 of my works are being exhibited at THE LoDi PROJECT during January. Below is the write-up:

    LETTERS An Exhibition curated by Scott McClure
    At the Mezzanine Gallery
    THE LoDi PROJECT would like to see how artists are inspired by typography on our January 2010 exhibition titled “Letters”: The theme of typography is addressed in multiple ways by using a variety of media and techniques, such as video, photography, graphic design, graffiti, calligraphy, and painting.


  • Senior Honors Art students exhibit their work


    The McDaniel College Department of Art and Art History presents the Honors Art Exhibition, “We Put the Art in Smart: The Pretentious Show,” from March 24-April 3 in the Esther Prangley Rice Gallery in Peterson Hall.

    The exhibit is free and open to the public. For gallery hours call 410-857-2595.

    An opening reception will be held at 7 p.m. March 24.

    Seniors Michelle Alexander, Emily Biondo, Laura Cox, Amber Maurer, Tara Russell and Chase Wolf shared these thoughts about the inspirations behind the works they will have displayed:

    Emily Biondo's
    Biondo’s work explores the visual possibilities of text that focuses on themes based on faith. She works in painting, drawing, and printmaking. “It is my belief that words are texture within our thoughts – they shape the human conceptualization of the world, and are gathered and sewn on top of one another in a canvas of its own right. These textures make up belief systems, and these belief systems shape who and what each person, each society, portrays.” full article

  • Senior Art Students Exhibit Work


    McDaniel College Department of Art and Art History presents one of two Senior Capstone Exhibitions, “10 Tickets to the Gun Show,” April 21-May 1 in the Esther Prangley Rice Gallery in Peterson Hall.

    The exhibit is free and open to the public. An opening reception will be held 7-9 p.m April 21. For gallery hours, call 410-857-2595.

    A second exhibit, “Act Normal, and That's Crazy Enough,” is planned for May 5-May 15, also in the Esther Prangley Rice Gallery in Peterson Hall, with an opening reception 7-9 p.m May 5.

    “10 Tickets to the Gun Show” features work created by students Emily Biondo, Amanda Beck, Alicia Ciatto, Bobby Coleman, Laura Cox, Danielle Gagliardi, Amber Maurer, Tara Russell, Chase Wolf and Adam Shaw.

    In their own words, the students describe what inspires their work:

    Emily Biondo

    “It is my belief that words are texture within our thoughts – they shape the human conceptualization of the world, and are gathered and sewn on top of one another in a canvas of its own right. These textures make up belief systems, and these belief systems shape who and what each person – each society – portrays. With this in mind, I emphasize textures and the use of overlap in my work. I want to relate the words I value to how they connect with each viewer.” full article

  • Annual juried undergraduate art exhibit opens


    The McDaniel College Department of Art and Art History presents the annual Kathryn E. Wentz Juried Undergraduate Art Exhibition April 7-17 in the Esther Prangley Rice Gallery in Peterson Hall.
    The show opens with a reception 7-9 p.m April 7. The exhibit and reception are free and open to the public. For gallery hours, call 410-857-2595.

    The exhibition is open to all students, who may submit up to five artworks they have done while studying at McDaniel College.

    Two professional artists and art educators are serving as the exhibition’s jurors – Bill Schmidt, a painter and sculptor, who is director of the post-baccalaureate program at Maryland Institute College of Art, and Chris LaVoie, a sculptor, video and performance artist who is an instructor at the Maryland Institute College of Art.

    The jurors spent more than four hours pouring about 190 submissions to select 35 pieces that will be exhibited, said Steve Pearson, associate professor of Art. The jurors also will select the award winners for the eight awards that are given: Best in Show, First, Second, and Third place, three Honorable Mentions, and a Foundation Award that is open to work done in Drawing One (Perceptual Drawing and Design). Winners will be announced during the opening reception.

    The accepted work this year ranges from Realistic Self-Portraits to Non-Objective paintings to Jewelry to three-dimensional Sculpture to Video and Photography, Pearson said.

    Work not selected for the juried exhibition is then considered by members of the Art Club to be shown in the Annual Salon Des Refuse Exhibition. The Art History Honor Society, ETE, is sponsoring awards for the exhibition. The Salon exhibition is being held at the Studio Building. A joint closing reception and open house for the new studio addition will be held 7-9 p.m. April 9.

    Artists in the annual Kathryn E. Wentz Juried Undergraduate Art Exhibition are:

    Artist, Title, Medium

    1. Michelle Alexander, You Must Speak Correctly, Mixed Media
    2. Emily Biondo, Speed Limit 20, Mixed Media
    3. Amber Maurer, Cuttin’ & Wrappin’ Time, Color Pencil on Paper
    4. Rachel Held, Dandelion Seed Parachutes, Mixed Media
    5. Rachel Held, Dandelion, Mixed Media
    6. Amber Maurer, Meat Frenzy, Color Pencil on Paper
    7. Nadia Frolova, Dragons, Tech Pens on Bristol
    8. Meg Christian, On the Other Side, Graphite
    9. Amber Maurer, Agricultural Montage, Video
    10. Tara Russell, Take One, Acrylic/Paint Pen on Wood
    11. Bobby Coleman, Untitled, Spray Paint/Acrylic/Wood
    12. Lindsey Shue, Fearless Toy, Acrylic
    13. Rufael Seyum, Power, Print
    14. Jaki Sipes, The Jacket, Photography
    15. Amanda Beck, Monsieur Noir, Linocut
    16. Amanda Beck, The Crop, Silkscreen/Wood/Dirt
    17. Laura Cox, Moby, Acrylic on Bristol Board
    18. Amber Maurer, Pork Shoulder Butts, Oil on Rives BFK
    19. Amelia Reiniger, Brain Injury, Acrylic and String
    20. Amber Maurer, Meat Medley, Soft Sculpture
    21. Jackie Buehrle, Camera, Mixed Media
    22. Stephanie Kurtyka, Unlocking the Labyrinth, Tech Pen/Mylar/Sewing
    23. Rufael Seyum, Oranges, India Ink/Ink Pen
    24. Pamela Knopp, Lillium Sunrise, Sterling Silver
    25. Stefon Kelly, Cup Man, Graphite
    26. David Robertson, Self-Portrait, Charcoal on Rives
    27. Rachel Bishop, Carpet, Coffee Filters/String
    28. Anne Dorman, Self-Portrait, Charcoal
    29. Jessie Paskowski, Awkward, Oil on Canvas
    30. Lindsey Shue, Civil Rights Movement, Digital Print
    31. Tara Russell, Potentially Lickable Ceiling, Jelly Beans/Parchment Paper/Embroidery Floss
    32. Michelle Alexander, Land Hopper, Handmade Paper/Thread/Paint Glaze
    33. Michelle Alexander, Red Country, Handmade Paper/Thread/Paint Glaze
    34. Jes Osrow, Viva La Libertad, Oil Paint/Fabric
    35. Emily Biondo, Could Stone Change, Mixed Media
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