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An Illuminating Conversation
An Illuminating Conversation
speaker wire, crocheted chandelier, LEDs, microphone, speakers

A collaborative ceiling installation by Emily Biondo, Mindy Hirt, and Bradford Barr. Using speaker wire, light, and audio, the team transformed Maryland Art Place's Gallery B ceiling into a web of crossing speaker wire and small orbs of light, joined at the center by an intricately crocheted chandelier. The site-specific work was conceived for MAP's Fall Juried Invitational Gala, LUX, inspired by the celebrity and memory of Liz Taylor and Richard Burton, lighting the event and unifying the gallery for its pervasive theme.

Accompanying the physical installation was an interactive audio element. Embedded in the chandelier was a microphone that recorded audio from the gallery and--specifically--the Gala in 20 second intervals. This live feed then became looped into a pre-mixed audio track of big band music, sound clips from classic taylor/burton films, and audio from the actors themselves.