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What I Never Said (detail)
What I Never Said (detail)
prison visitation booth, two telephones, viewing window, stools
6 x 3 x 5 ft

The installation appears to be a white prison visitation booth, complete with barred viewing window, armored telephones, and booth dividers. Two viewers have the opportunity to sit down on either side of the booth and pick up a phone. Audio begins--a woman is speaking on the phone about a private and extremely personal event in her life. The audio was collected from the artist's female acquaintances as 'something that each female wanted to say to someone but never did'. Each audio is not scripted, rather a real, emotional situation.

If one viewer hangs up the phone, both phones go silent. If one viewer picks up the phone anew, a new woman begins to speak to both viewers. It is an installation that is meant to be experienced (and empathized) with two people.