Interactive/Audio Sculpture > Pick Up the Phone

Pick Up the Phone
two fans, wall-mounted telephone
site-specific interactive installation

This interactive piece is one that involves the discomfort of a communication breakdown. While listeners interact with the piece, they are able to palpably feel awkward through both the audio and the sensory experience of the angled fans.

In this work, a blinking light draws one to pick up the phone. One hears a conversation that is regrettably all too familiar to many a relationship—there is passive aggression, a certain one-sidedness, and an unwillingness to share both information and emotions. While engaging in the audio, a sensory element in the form of a high-powered fan turns on to distract the listener and further complicate the uncomfortable situation. In the end, the listener must choose to continue listening or to avoid the awkwardness of the audio and fan by hanging up the phone.